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Invest in Yourself Now

Transforming Human Beings into Human's Being.


Invest in Yourself Now.

Years of Human Evolution


% People Suffering Chronic Disease

Human Cells Reproduced a Day

We used to Stand to Work


We used to Stand to Move


and We used to Sit to Rest


Now, We Sit to Rest


Now, We Sit to Work


and Now, We Sit to Move


“Our bodies have everything we need to cure chronic disease. We just need to re-establish connection with our body, lives and people around us”

Anthony King

Founder & CEO, Traction Health


We Believe fitness, mobility, and self-awareness, and human connection are the biological building blocks of health and wellness.

We believe you value your health and wellness, are curious about your biology, and crave connection.

We want to improve your health and wellness by connecting you to your biology and your community.

Our products Create Connection

Live Powerfully

Fitness, mobility, and self-awareness are the pillars of heath and wellness, and if we want to improve our health and wellness we need to be better connected to our biology and our communities.

Work Powerfully


Think Powerfully


Move Powerfully